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Schoenberg De-icing

Ice Melt and Winter Products​

Schoenberg De-Icing is a full line distributor of packaged and bulk ice melting products. We service customers from Maine to Ohio with “Just in Time Service”. Our warehouses allow us to carry one of the largest packaged inventories on the Eastern Seaboard and in the Midwest. This allows us to offer our customers a consistent supply of products.

Schoenberg Salt & Chemical

Industrial Food & Specialty Products

At Schoenberg Salt & Chemical we have been servicing industries for over 110 years. We are a master distributor of Salt Products, Food Ingredients, and Specialty Chemicals, supplying products to a wide variety of markets. We represent major manufacturers such as, Cargill, US Salt, North American Salt and Church and Dwight to name a few.​

Go Chloride Free

Family owned and operated, Schoenberg Salt has been supplying customers since 1898. In 2012, Schoenberg Salt began servicing the Aviation Market directly with SAE Approved Runway Ice Melters, and soon created Go Chloride Free, a Division of Schoenberg Specialty Products. Now with the 5th Generation at the company, Go Chloride Free covers the U.S. from coast to coast supplying customer needs, both local and national.​

Go Warehouse

Schoenberg announces its newest division, “Go Warehouse”. Go Warehouse offers a broad range of warehousing and handling focused primarily on servicing customers and vendors in our industry. Unlike a public warehouse that treats all types of business the same, our familiarity with our customers and vendors allows us to offer Concierge Warehousing. Our Network of five company-owned food grade, (food grade warehousing), and non food grade warehouses offers truck and rail car acceptability. Our warehouses stretch from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Each warehouse is staffed with company employees. We currently warehouse for some of the largest companies in our industry.

For more information, please contact us at 877-846-7258

Industries We Service:

Bath Salts
Building Maintenance
Car Wash
Chemical Mfg
Concrete / Redi Mix
Cosmetics & Colors
Dust Control Equipment

Feed & Farm Supply
Fish Processing
Food Processing
Grocery retail / wholesale
Hardware / Home Centers
Hospitals / Nursing Homes
Janitorial Supplies
Landscape Contractors
Lawn & Garden Centers
Meat Processing
Meat Curing
Medical Facilities

Mass Merchandisers
Mushroom Processing
Parking Lot Maintenance
Pickle Processing
Property Management
Portable Toilets
Pool Chemicals
Schools / Universities
Snow Removal
Spice Blending
Transportation / Airports
Water Conditioning

Schoenberg Salt

is a leading supplier of deicing products in:

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington DC, Delaware, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

Products By Name:

Acid Wash Carbon
Activated Carbon
Alberger Fine Prepared Flour Salt
Alberger Improved Fine Flake Salt
Alberger Improved Fine Prepared – Flour
Alberger Special Flake Salt
Aluminum Sulfate Low Iron
Arma Grip
Ascorbic Acid
Calcite – Georgia Marble XO White
Calcite – Georgia Marble ZO White
Calcium Chloride Briners Grade
Calcium Chloride DOWFLAKE™ Xtra
Calcium Chloride Pellets
Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA)
Calcium Propionate
Caustic Soda Beads
Coarse Rock Salt
Coconut Shell Carbon
Epson Salt
Extra Coarse Topping Salt
Extra Coarse Topping Sea Salt
Fliter Gravel
Filter Media
General Purpose Salt
Glucano Delta Lactone
Hi-Grade Iodized Salt
Ice Breaker™
Iodized Rectangle Salt
Iodized Round Salt
Jiffy Melt®
Kleer Mix N Fine Salt

Kosher Salt
Liquid Calcium Chloride
Liquid Magnesium Chloride
Magnesium Chloride Flake
Magnesium Chloride Pellets
Magnesium Flake
Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium Pellets
Manganese Green Sand
Medium Rock Salt
Medium Solar Salt
Mix N Fine Salt
Oil Dry
Plain Rectangle Salt
Plain Round Salt
Potassium Acetate
Potassium Carbonate
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Permanganate
Premium Extra Coarse Flake Salt
Premium Fine Flake Salt
Premium Prepared Flour Salt
Premium Topping Flake Salt
Pretzel I Salt
Pretzel M Salt
Pretzel Rock Salt
Pro Patch
Purified Sea Salt
Rock Salt (Halite)
Rock Salt (Treated)
Salt Blocks – Deer
Salt Blocks – Iron Out

Salt Blocks – Plain
Salt Blocks – Sulfur
Salt Blocks – Trace Mineral
Salt Bricks – Horse
Salt Bricks – Plain
Salt Bricks – Sulfur
Salt Bricks – Trace Mineral
Salt Brine
Salt Pellets with Red Out
Salt Pellets
Salt Spools
Sand / Salt Mix
Soda Ash Dense
Soda Ash Light
Sodium Acetate
Sodium Benzoate
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Formate
Sodium Sulfate
Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Solar Extra Coarse Salt
Sun Gems
Sun Gems with Red Out
TNA 5 Salt
Top Flo Granulated
Trace Mineral Salt
TX-10 Granulated
USP Salt
Vinegar 100 Grain

Products By Name:


Salt & ChemicalDeicing